Mentalism offers a unique insight into the inner workings and secrets of how we think and how our minds work. From apparent mind reading to incredible feats of memorisation and an uncanny knack for spotting untruths, it is possible to learn the techniques and methodologies that can improve our intuition and innate ability to read people and form an educated opinion of what is likely going through their mind.


Being able to control someone's thoughts is a great skill to have. If you're reading this then I have probably just met you and asked you to think of a card.


You probably thought this was simply about you thinking of a card and then me naming it. No. That would be too easy. I plan to do something even more impossible. Earlier today, I committed to a position in the shuffled deck in front of you. This is where I believed your card, which you freely chose, would end up. I then published that prediction below.


Mentalism is commonly classified as a subcategory of magic and, when performed by a stage magician, may also be referred to as mental magic. However, many professional mentalists today may generally distinguish themselves from magicians, insisting that their art form leverages a distinct skillset. Instead of doing 'magic tricks', mentalists argue that they produce psychological experiences for the mind and imagination, and expand reality with explorations of psychology, suggestion, and influence.

Stephen Miller Urban Mentalist – – 2022